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SMS Gateway

Tamimah has a wide range of SMS Gateway products ranging from “Enterprise Solutions” for the Government and Corporate sectors to “Lite Solutions” for smaller industries. Our solutions include a Modem Based SMS solution which has “Push & Pull” features, as well as an Online SMS portal for Bulk SMS users. All of our solutions can be seamlessly integrated with the existing systems of any organization.

Mobile Apps

At Tamimah, we convert your business ideas into viable mobile applications. Our excellent and highly creative team of developers combined with our years of experience in the field gives us the edge in making mobile applications which are perfectly suited to your business needs. Our apps have secured Regional as well as National awards in various categories. We deliver native apps which work on iOS, Android or Windows platforms, and even hybrid mobile applications as per your requirement.

Mass SMS

Mass SMS is a bulk text message service that enables you to send permission based marketing, promotion alerts and business critical messages. Our exclusive partnership with Ooredoo enables you to message predefined mobile numbers in the Ooredoo network via our customer friendly online portal where you can also monitor the progress of your planned and active messages.

Cloud Based Solutions

With the recent ransom ware attacks, data backups coupled with strong security is a need of paramount importance. Enter VCloud Hub. It features a unique combination of hardware and software to provide a 3-in-1 solution – Local Device, Online Backup and Cloud Sharing. VCloud Hub combines the speed, privacy and capacity of a local hard drive with the benefits of a cloud service.

Chat Bots

We at Tamimah, are the official partners of Chatteron Solutions – one of the best AI platforms for building chat bots. Chat bots shorten response times by handling customer enquiries quickly and efficiently, allowing your team to focus only on complex queries which can’t be handled by a Chat bot. The Chatteron platform has additional features like a help desk, a user management system and data base interactions thereby lowering your service costs by reducing your reliance on human agents.

Call Center Solutions

Our Call Center Solutions are powerful and advanced bits of computer telephony integrated onto a software solution designed to automate the inbound and outbound calls in an organization. Our cost effective communication toolkit manages the call center peak loads through an efficient call handling interactive voice response system (IVRS) and provides an array of features such as automatic call distribution, campaign management, voice recording and conferencing.

Call Billing

Tamimah call billing systems are integrated with robust telecommunication tariff, traffic and cost management options and also feature rich voice logging capabilities. The accounting application is capable of creating a single consolidated view of the complete set of incoming and outgoing calls which are handled by PBX or legacy systems thus extending the convenience of being utilized as an analytical tool with regards to the voice and data service consumption across the organization.

Digital Marketing

Tamimah exclusively represents BASE International in the Sultanate of Oman. BASE is a brand design agency that helps companies engage consumers and communicate brand culture. We use strategy and design to connect brands and people through the things they love – products, services and experiences that support their lifestyle. We specialize in design-led brand communication and digital innovation and we’ve earned a reputation for doing great work across multiple categories. Our work is driven by our mission and our mission is this – we want to build brands people love.

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