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Omantel Audio Text Project


TTCT will introduce Audio Text Services; interactive and/or recorded announcement services for the purpose of information or entertaining telephone callers within the Sultanate of Oman through the facilities of the content provider via physical lines supplied by Omantel through the Public Switched Telephone Network.

TTCT will Design, customise, install and support the IVR, SMS systems
Provide the software systems required for the audio text service, as well as training its engineers for further customisation and maintenance of the systems used for the Audio text Service.

Provide all the equipment and software necessary to implement this service.

Preparation and recording of the Information Services and their contents, quality and delivery.

TTCT will provide many different kinds of business, audio text and entertainment services through the installation of interactive voice recognition (IVR), short message service (SMS) and ultimately automated speech recognition (ASR) software

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