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Who should be an agent?


TTCT is currently appointing agents with qualified businesses that have the experience, skills, resources and motivation to deploy and grow as successful IVR/SMS added value services.


 TTCT main products are (1) Tamimah Alert. An alert system for monitoring/controlling critical installations and equipment, which forwards an SMS alert signal directly to your GSM in case of any default in your system. (2) Tamimah M-commerce Solution. A system supporting SMS based financial transactions; it enables you to connect consumers, merchants and service providers with financial institutions, allowing funds to be transferred through your GSM. (3) Tamimah IVR/SMS. A cutting edge telecommunication technology that integrates with your existing systems, providing a mobile value-added service to business. Connects clients with customers, gives your callers the information they need, generates sales and provides service 24 hours a day without the need for operator assistance or an automated system.


 TTCT agency Programme is designed to facilitate the rapid deployment of cost effective telecommunication services with innovative new features through qualified agents who have existing marketing, sales, or telecommunications infrastructure and looking for a business venture that will add substantially to their income.


To become a TTCT agent you must:

Demonstrate sufficient financial resources to conduct the business,

Have two dedicated marketing personnel to introduce the products to your territory.

Have a dedicated technician to install equipment and service your customers.


TTCT will train you to provide the following services

Installation of the products at the customer site.

Provide Customer Training.

Provide technical support.


Depending upon the customer requirement, some additional software customization may be required. This will be configured by TTCT and sent to the agent for installation.


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